Are you seriously doing this for free?

Yes our service is totally free to use, but you do have to pay for third party storage from Rackspace (read below) but it will cost you a few bucks a month...seriously. If this becomes a full job to maintain I will have to cover my expenses and time in order to maintain the service. Don't worry you will still pay a fraction of the cost compared to other similar services, but for now it is free. Use it as much as you please and you have access to everything.

Why do I have to have a rackspace account?

Rackspace is a online cloud storage service in which we require you to have an account to integrate with our services. We require this separate account for 2 reasons.

1. We really do not want to deal with storing everyone's audio files on our servers, it is easier to have you store it on your own account for less overhead on the site.

2. If we were to store the actual audio files on our servers we would have to be responsible for all the licensing for each artist.

Rackspace is a very cheap online storage solution so even if you have to pay for this service, you are going to pay very little for storage.

How much is Rackspace going to cost me?

Rackspace is so cheap just to give you an idea, 15GB of storage is going to cost you about $1.50 a month.

Once you have created an account with WA Nexus and are ready click here and we will show you how to setup your account with Rackspace.

Do I need a license of some sort with the music I upload?

Artists need to pay the bills too and music is still under the copyright law. Regardless whether you use our website you are required by law to have a license for any music you play, rehearse or stream at your church services. If your church or organization will be uploading music, playing it in your services on the weekends or rehearsals you will want to visit http://us.ccli.com

Since you will be uploading your music on your own cloud storage we are not responsible for your licenses, you are.