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WA Nexus was built on the idea of being on the go. You can setup any venue or worship setlist on your phone or tablet.


Venues & Setlists

We understand that trying to manage multiple bands for several venues can be a little tricky. We make it as easy as possible for you.


Team Members

Team members can listen and download music as well you can assign each member to particular venues and setlists.


We built WA Nexus from the ground up to be as optimized for mobile as it can be. In fact we thought of mobility first before anything. One of the greatest things we pride ourselves on is anything you can do on a desktop you can do on a mobile phone or tablet. We designed our system to match any need with any device.

We understand that managing multiple services, members and venues takes time, we strive to make that as easy as possible for you. Our system makes it so easy for you to quickly add, remove and assign members to particular venues and setlists with just a few clicks. As well you can assign members to particular venues to make it easier for them to know their assignments.

Team members are what make your service run, making it as easy as possible for them is what we do. Our system was built to make it as easy to understand for the simple man. When users log into their portal they are given a screen with just what they need. Why cloud their screen with so many options. You have the power to assign user rights for almost anything in WA Nexus.

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